Hi there, I’m Katharine! I’d love to share a bit about my story with you.

When I was a young girl I had trouble sleeping at night, lying awake terribly frightened of what lurked in the dark. So, my mother introduced me to Yoga to help soothe my anxieties. I also often experienced emotional outbursts of screaming and crying fits way past the normal age of temper tantrums.

As I grew older, these mental and emotional disturbances changed, but they didn’t go away. I grew into a teenager and then young adult burdened with social and general anxiety, mood swings, codependency, and addictive tendencies. I had a myriad of mental and emotional sufferings which were a huge detriment to my quality of life. I didn’t know how to deal with these things, so I did what I had been taught, I looked outside of myself for the answers. I turned to medicine, approval from others, sex, drugs, thrill-seeking, and numbing activities. When I finally started seeing a therapist, she helped me to understand what I was experiencing, and bits and pieces of why, but never gave me the tools I needed to fully overcome what was causing me distress. So, I mirrored what everyone else was doing to “heal” their pain. It wasn’t until after ending a very toxic, codependent relationship at age 20 that I realized all of the answers I would ever need to turn my mental/emotional state, and entire life, around positively were right inside of me.

Once I dedicated myself to healing and self-realization through Yogic practices, and other holistic healing modalities like energy work, I unlocked the keys to life and found the place of peace within myself where there is no suffering. This place is inside of you too, and it is my life’s purpose and greatest passion to hold space for you to tap into your natural healing power so you may live freely and happily.

My Knowledge & Experience


3+ years of consistent personal self-healing and yogic practice

200-hr RYT, currently undergoing my second 200-hr training program

1+ year of yoga teaching experience

My Natural Abilities


Emotional & Energetic Intuitive

Compassionate Caregiver

Healing Guide

Some Fun Tid-Bits About Me

I enjoy learning about...

Permaculture, Psychology, Spiritual/Religious Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Eastern Medicine, Native / Ancestral History

My biggest dream...

Living off the land in a community-based homestead somewhere in a forest.

Books I loved as a kid and still do...

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The Lorax

Coolest thing I've done...

Lived and traveled full-time in a camper van around the U.S. for 1.5 years.

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