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Looking for Group Classes at a

local Yoga Center?

Check out the beautiful Root: Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies!

You can sign up for the Foundations class I teach on Tuesdays. Or, sign up for any of Root’s other classes, as all of the teachers and classes are phenomenal!

Interested in a more personalized Yoga experience?

Check out my Private and Semi-Private Sessions here ⇣

Intro Session: Start Here!

Seriously considering scheduling a private or semi-private Yoga session with Katharine? This is exactly where you start!

This 30 minute Intro Session is held via your preferred online video-call platform. Like we are sitting down for tea over a video call, this meeting is our opportunity to get to know each other, and ask each other questions to find out if this is a good fit!

Please note; this meeting IS required prior to scheduling a private or semi-private session.

Private Holistic Yoga Session

You can expect to recieve 90 minutes of deep connection and healing work utilizing a variety of Yogic practices including; physical postures, body movement, breath work, concentration and meditation. You will experience undivided attention in service to whatever your unique needs are at each moment. In this completely personalized Yoga session, you will be able to achieve the benefits of Yogic practice at a deeper and more profound level, as I will guide you through the tools that will best help you to work through whatever dis-eases may be holding you back from living in your highest potential of well-being. 

Available Online or In-Person.

Prices are typically $80 per session, but will be determined after our intial Intro Session, based upon location, reoccurrence, and client needs.

Semi-Private Holistic Yoga

You can expect to recieve the same personalized attention for 90-minutes of connecting, playful, and healing Yogic Practices alongside your friends, family, or partner!

Available In-Person Only.

Prices are typically $30 per person per session, but will be determined after our initial Intro Session, based upon location, reoccurrence, and client needs.

Are you wondering…

Is this for me? Well, this IS for you if…

-You’re new or old to the path or practices of self-healing and Yoga, yet would like to explore more techniques or have more guidance.

-You’d like to experience the holistic benefits of Yoga on a deeper, more personalized level.

-You would like to develop self-care and self-healing techniques to take with you wherever you are so that you are equipped to handle anything life hands to you overcoming any adversity on your own.

– You’re going through a transition period, hit “rock-bottom” and NOT going back, or simply ready to live fully everyday and overcome anything that is holding you back from your dream reality.

You’re experiencing…

-Emotional difficulties (overwhelming sadness, anger, guilt, jealousy, etc)

-Mood swings

-Racing thoughts



-Lack of purpose/direction, feeling lost or disconnected

-Codependent tendencies

-Stress and Stress-related conditions (eczema, difficulty sleeping, etc.)

-Chronic pain (tendonitis, arthritis, etc.)

-Inability to concentrate, lack of discipline

-Feeling restless, inability to find stillness or calm

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